High winnings equal high risk

Roulette strategies: Is there a safe and perfect way to win? You can actually lower the risk in roulette with a certain strategy. However, this also means that your winnings will be smaller. The lower the risk of loss, the less income is possible. Conversely, this means that you can win more if you use a high-risk strategy. With a little luck, you can double your winnings on every bet. Below we go into more detail about the most popular roulette strategies.

But be careful: there is no strategy that always leads to a win. Before you test a strategy in the casino and play for large sums, try out different theories and your playing behaviour first on a free roulette with play money.

The doubling strategy

In this strategy, you bet on one colour, on even numbers or on odd numbers. This means that you have a chance of winning of almost 50 percent, but also a 50 percent risk of losing. With this strategy you can double your profit.

Example: You bet 50 $ on the colour red. If one of the red numbers comes up, you will receive double the money, i.e. 100 $ profit. However, if one of the black numbers or zero appears, your bet is gone and you will not receive any payout.

The doubling strategy means that if you lose, you place another bet and this time double the value. This is to make up for the loss of the first round without you losing out. However, this strategy has the catch that you are quickly at very high stakes without any guarantee of winning. Therefore, it is advisable to start with small stakes first.

Example: If you bet $10 on the colour red in the first round, but it turns out to be a black number, you will have lost $10. In the second round you would now bet $20, in the third round $40 and so on until you make a profit.

TIP: Include zero

Many players who use the doubling strategy also bet a smaller amount on the colour green, i.e. zero. Since the bet, should this number appear, counts times 36, if you bet $50 you would only have to bet $2 on the zero to make a profit. In this case, you would have a payout of $72. In general, the zero enjoys a special position at the roulette table and gives the bank a house advantage.

Strategy explanation

Three times in a row strategy This strategy usually occurs in conjunction with betting on the colours red or black. In the game of roulette, it is quite possible for the colour red to come up ten times or even more in a row. If you look at some roulette statistics or game histories, you will see that it is very rare for such a long series to appear. Usually it is a colourful mix of red and black numbers.

Some players take advantage of this probability and only bet on the colour red when the colour black has appeared three times in a row. If you have a lot of patience and want to minimise the risk even further, you can also wait until a colour has appeared four times, five times or even more in a row.

Be aware that the probability of a very long, single-colour series of numbers is low, but not impossible.

Colonne or dozen fields In this strategy, the player bets on one of the three fields that divide the roulette table into three sections. Field 1, for example, contains the numbers 1-12, field 2 the numbers 13-24 and field 3 the numbers 25-36. Here there is a 33 percent chance of winning, but also the possibility of tripling the winnings. You are on the safe side if you occupy two of the three fields. Here you have a 66 percent chance of winning, but the winnings are lower due to the split stake.

Example: You bet 20 $ on the numbers 1-12. If you win, you will receive a payout of 60 $ for a 20 $ bet. If you lose, you have no winnings. If you bet $10 on each of the first two sections and a number between 1 and 24 comes up, you will have a payout of $30 on a $20 bet.

Single numbers or the combination of several strategies

There are numerous possible roulette strategies that involve a greater or lesser degree of risk. Some players deliberately bet on their favourite numbers every round. The probability of the ball landing on this one number is 1 in 36, but in return there is the possibility of 36 times the winnings. You can combine several roulette strategies, for example by betting on a colour, on even numbers and the zero. In addition, you can bet on your favourite numbers. Which strategy you choose is up to you. As already mentioned, there is no strategy that does not involve a risk of loss. You should always be aware that you should only bet money whose loss you can bear.

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