Object of the game

As in the original game, the objective in American Blackjack is to beat the dealer by trying to score 21 points or as close to that number as possible without going over 21 points.

Once at the table, each player is dealt two cards to make their move by adding up their values and having the option to draw more cards to reach the magic 21 points or as close to it as possible.

In the event of exceeding 21 points this move is invalidated, losing the showdown against the dealer regardless of what the dealer does with his move.

The dealer is represented by the casino dealer and plays his hand against the players at the table in an automatic way that all users should be aware of: at any time during his turn, if the sum of his cards is 16 points or less, he is obliged to draw one more card.

If the sum of your cards is 17 to 21 points, the dealer is obliged to stand without being able to draw any more cards. Finally, if your hand exceeds 21 points, your hand is eliminated and you lose the showdown to players who have a valid hand, no matter how low its value is.

To find out which players win against the dealer, the hands are compared individually, those with a higher sum win, those with a lower sum lose, and in the event of a tie with the dealer, they neither win nor lose, and win their bets back.

With the two starting cards you can get the desired 21 points that form the best play and that gives the game its name, the Blackjack, formed by an Ace and a figure. This hand is unbeatable, it never loses, the dealer can only draw.

Card values when playing American Blackjack

To play American Blackjack, French decks of cards are used. Depending on the casino, between 4 and 8 decks of cards are used. Each deck consists of 52 cards in which the suit of the cards is not considered, only their value.

Aces are the most versatile cards as they have two values: 1 and 11 points, when the player plays with them he decides what value to give them according to his needs. 
Cards whose numerical index goes from 2 to 9 have the value corresponding to that index.

The 10, J, Q, and K are the so-called figures and they all share the same value: 10 points.

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