REVIEW: Storm Boy | Barking Gecko and STC

This was my first introduction to this beloved Australian story, one that generations of Aussie children grew up on, either through Colin Thiele’s book or the 1976 movie based on the book. It’s a uniquely Australian story because of its characters, its setting and its cultural landscape, but thematically and dramatically, it’s completely universal. It’s the kind of story that endures and can be retold without losing its relevance; it’s simply the kind of story that should be retold.

Company (STC) are bringing the story of Storm Boy to Perth and Sydney audiences in a co-production of Tom Holloway’s stage adaptation, directed by John Sheedy. Inside the cavernous stage area of the Heath Ledger sits a sculptural wooden wave designed by Michael Scott-Mitchell; it’s as beautiful as it is practical, alluding to the ocean, the dunes, a whale carcass, or the belly of a beached boat. It perfectly evokes the feeling of being at the seaside, even without a drop of water to be found on site. Scott-Mitchell has also designed the costumes and the puppets so that everything tangible has the same natural, rustic, textured look. Paired with lights designed by Damien Cooper, we get gorgeously striking stage pictures that are aesthetically harmonious and help propel the action and emotion without overpowering it.

Read the full review here.


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