INTERVIEW: Joe Lui and Renegade Productions

Joe Lui stands out from the crowd. Once you’ve seen or met Joe at some show in Perth, you’ll start to see him all over town. One time I stepped into an elevator in a car park under King’s Perth Hotel and there was Joe, carrying an amp on his way to a gig. I wanted to serenade him with, “Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that amp in your hand?” but then I figured he’s probably heard the “Hey Joe” reference all his life, and he probably doesn’t think it’s funny anymore.
Lui stands out from the crowd, not just because of his mad pants, long black hair and distinctive eyewear, but because he is a leader in the independent theatre sector in Perth; he’s a jack of all trades and he is constantly involved in doing as much work as he can, with lots of different people. He’s known for his beautiful lighting designs, his original sound design and music, and playing live gigs. But the thing that drives him the most is creating his own work under the banner of the company that he founded with fellow students back at Murdoch University: Renegade Productions.

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