REVIEW: Asking For It | Adrienne Truscott

I don’t know about you, but I find the idea of standing half-naked in front of a crowd a terrifying prospect. Then to stand up half-naked in front of a crowd of people and make jokes about rape, well this just seems unimaginable. Why would any woman choose to do this? Is she crazy, brave or asking for it?

Adrienne Truscott is possibly a little crazy, definitely brave, and most certainly not asking for it, despite what her show’s called. Rather than ask, Truscott demands that we overlook her pantslessness and listen to her musings on the state of rape in comedy. Concerned with the rising prevalence of rape jokes by comedy blokes and the ever-troublesome statistics, politics and practice of rape itself, she dives muff-first into uncharted territory by turning the subject (and herself) on its head.

Read the full review on Australian Stage Online here.


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